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In the 21st century, it is said that the development of the information society will progress in leaps and bounds, and as part of this the miniaturization of semiconductors is important. A single crystal, high resolution lens is used as a key component of leading model of the stepper that manufactures fine semiconductors. We have a strong reputation for the manufacture of high purity calcium fluoride as lens materials, and the top market share in the industry.
In addition to semiconductor manufacturing, we have a strong engagement with many customers requiring lens materials for the development of digital cameras, security cameras, TV cameras, telescopes etc. Further, the need for our high-purity products is increasing as lens materials with strong resistance and high transmittance are needed for laser light sources and scintillators.
Since  the company was formed, we have  focused on development of high-purity inorganic chemical materials for use in the fields such as phosphor materials through to  optical lenses. We will continue to further develop our unique competitive advantage of  technology while harmonizing with the environment. As a company we wish to contribute to the advancement of society by providing products that are trusted by our customers.
I would like to ask for further support in the future.
Hiromi Takayama, Representative Director and President

Company Profile

Company name Hakushin Chemical Laboratory Co,Ltd.
Representative Director Hiromi Takayama
Address 446nagabusamachi Hachioji-shi,Tokyo Japan 
Phone number +81-42-661-3593
Fax number +81-42-663-2234
Business contents Production of fluoride material for optical lens
Production of high purity calcium fluoride for stepper
(semiconductor manufacturing equipment)
Production of metaphosphate for optical glass
Production of phosphor related materials
Production of other high purity inorganic chemical products
Major Customers Canon Optron Inc.
Corning Incorporated
Guang Zhou Zhu Jiang Optonix New Material Co.,Ltd.
Hellma Materials GmbH
HOYA Corporation.
Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
Nikon Corporation
Platinum Optics Technology Inc.
SUMITA Optical Glass,Inc.
Sojitz Corporation

Company history

May 1956 Establishment of company
Started production of phosphor material
April 1976 Started production of fluoride for optical glass
June 1983 Capital increased to 20 million yen
April 1984 Started production of metaphosphate for optical glass
February 1995 Started production of high purity calcium fluoride for single crystal optical lenses
April 2002 Newly established exclusive line of high purity  calcium fluoride for single crystal optical lenses
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